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1. Purchase materials
Fresh monkfish bought from the fishing boat at the dock directly, and then is put in the attemperator boxes, and transported in the attemperator truck after adding ice.
2. Packing materials
The monkfish is transported by the clean, sealed and well-maintained truck.All the materials shall be passed the integrality test and speciality inspection, and then matched the covering lots, finally be put into the dry warehouse.
3. Select
The skillful workers choose out the material fish which cannot match the export standard.
4. pre-process
The material is skinned and then headed, gutted or boned.
5. Grade
The different sizes are divided according to the different weight,
meantime the semi-products which don't match the export standard are picked out.
6. Washing
The semi-products pre-processed are washed with clean water to rid the dross on the surface.
7. Belt-frozen
The semi-products are quick frozen throgh the tunnel belt-frozen machine at -30 degrees centigrade.
8. glazing
The product frozen is glazed with the water which can match the national drinking standard.
9.metal detecting
The monkfish glazed is detected by the metal detecting machine to avoid Monkfish of any possible heavy metal bits.
10.weigh, pack
The product is weighed as per the packing weight, glazed with the water which can match the national drinking water, and then put in the specified plastic bags and packed in the carton. The carton is sealed with the adhesive tape and stamped with the detailed production date, lot number, specification, processing company's code.
11.Freeze and store
The finished product must be putted into the cold storehouse fast,and apart according the different LOT NO.The finished product must be stored below -18.
12. load and ship
The product is loaded according to the shipping notice(species, specification, quantity, etc). During loading, the container should be connected with the cold storehouse through a special channels. The product shall be transported under minus 18 degrees centigrade.